4 Ways to Copy Files and Folders Faster in Windows 10

How to Copy Files Faster in Windows 10

Most of the people do not think much about the rate your PC copies files from one place to another. If you are copying a large file from a USB media to PC, it may take a longer time depending on PC to PC. But there are few ways you can make this process even faster. Obviously Windows 10 copies files faster than Windows 7 and earlier, but you can still make it even better.

In this article, I will tell you some ways to speed up copying files in Windows 10.

How to Copy Files Faster in Windows

Here I am assuming that you are using Windows 10. If you are using an older version of Windows, you must think of upgrading to the latest version of Windows.

Microsoft is ending Windows 7 in 2020 and there won’t be any security update for that. Windows 10 comes with a better copy interface and also copies multiple files at once to give you a faster copy operation. It also lets you prioritize one operation or pause a long transfer. So, switch to Windows 10 if you are not already using it.

Now read a few ways to further boost the copy speed in Windows.

1. Master the keyboard shortcuts

If you use keyboard shortcuts, you can copy files faster than doing the same with the mouse. You can use Ctrl + C to copy and Ctrl + V to paste at the desired location. If you want to move, use Ctrl + X to cut and Ctrl + V to paste. You can also use Ctrl + Shift + N to create a folder if you want to paste files within a new folder. You can use Alt + Up to jump one folder up or Alt + Left/Right to go to previous and next folders.

2. Try changing the USB Port

Most of the modern laptops come with a variety of USB ports. If your system supports USB 3.0/3.1, it will be faster in copying files. USB 3 port is usually blue. Make sure you are using USB 3 port if you want to copy files faster.

You can also update USB drivers by visiting your PC’s manufacturer website. It will resolve some other minor issues if there are any.

3. Use TeraCopy

There are a few third-party software that lets you speed up the copying process in Windows 10. One of the most popular free software is TeraCopy. This software uses special algorithms to boost the copying process. You can also integrate the app with File Explorer so your Windows will use TeraCopy by default for copy-paste operations. This software always tries to work on the fastest channel and also skips any problematic files.

Download: TeraCopy

4. Upgrade to an SSD

If your laptop is still using HDD, you need to upgrade the storage to SSD for much faster boot time and copy speed. Windows PCs with HDD are much slower than the PCs with SSD. SSD delivers much better performance and will also last longer. Not just better copy speed, SSD offers better performance, faster boot time, energy-saving and less heating.

Final Words

Now you know that there are a few ways to boost the copying speed. If you think your Windows system takes too much time in copying files, you can think of using these ways to see the results. Upgrading to SSD should be your priority if you want to see the bigger change. I also recommend the use of keyboard shortcuts and TeraCopy for the faster copy operation.


Deepanker Verma is the founder of Techlomedia. He is a tech blogger, developer and gadget freak.

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