How to create custom Hotkey for your favorite software program, file or folder


Hotkeys are keyboard shortcuts to open a file quickly. It saves time and effort both. Windows offers number of hotkeys for various applications to perform tasks quickly. But what if you want to have this kind of hotkey for your favorite software, file or folder? Nothing to worry, because Windows also lets you create your own custom hotkey for any software, file or folder.

Basically, there are two ways of assigning the hotkey. One with the use of CTRL, ALT or SHIFT with any other key. Other method is to use any of the function keys. I recommend not to use functions keys because most of the function keys have already been assigned for other tasks. So, try to use CTRL, ALT or SHIFT with the combination of any other key. Still, you need to take care because many key combinations are already exists. For example CTRL+C is used for copy. So, you should not replace with your own custom hotkey. General way of create hotkey is with default combination of “CTRL+ALT+(key)” where (key) is any key of the keyboard. And here, there is less chance of conflict.

Assign hotkey to any software

Assign a hotkey to any software program

  • Open start menu
  • Search for the software in Al Programs Menu
  • Right click on the software program and select “Properties”
  • In properties dialog box, select “Shortcut key” text box.
  • Enter a key which you want to use as hotkey. Windows will automatically add “CTRL+ALT+” in beginning.
  • Click OK to save changes.

Now try this newly created hotkey to open your favorite software. I added the sample screenshot for Google Talk program.

Assign a hotkey to any file or folder

Assigning a hotkey to a file or folder is tricky because there is no direct option to add a hotkey to a file or folder. You first need to create a shortcut and then assign the hotkey to that shortcut. But this is also as simple as the steps added in previous part.

Create desktop shortcut of any file or folder

Follow these steps:

  • Right click on the file or folder. Hover “Sent to” and select “desktop (create shortcut)”. Now you will see a new shortcut to this file or folder in the desktop.
  • Now right click on this shortcut and open properties. In properties dialog box, select “Shortcut key” text box and assign a hotkey in similar way you did for the software.
  • Click OK to save changes.

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