How to Delete Specific Auto-Complete Field Entries in Google Chrome

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Like other browsers, Chrome also supports auto-complete in form fields. It lets users quickly fill the form on a website with pre-used entries. Most of us use this in login forms or registrations forms. Just type the first character and then arrow key to select your email address quickly. If you ever typed wrong data in a field, it will also be saved for future auto-complete suggestion. What if you want to delete that entry? Yes you can delete auto-complete suggestion entries from any website’s form fields.

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In this guide I will outline how to remove a specific auto-complete field entries of a form in Google Chrome.

Delete Auto-Complete Entries in Chrome

Open Google Chrome and visit the website that has the auto-complete entries you would like to delete. Now select the field and enter the first letter of the auto-complete entry. Auto-complete suggestion will pop below. Use down arrow key to navigate to that entry. Now hit, “Shift + Delete” to delete the entry.


How to Delete Specific Auto-Complete Field Entries in Google Chrome

In case you want to delete all auto-complete data, you can do this by clearing the browser history from the settings.

Final Words

Autocomplete is a good feature but it creates trouble when it remembers misspelled word and you mistakenly use the wrong word each time. You can delete it to avoid further mistakes. There could be more reasons to delete the autocomplete entries. Use the given steps to delete the autocomplete entry.

I hope this tutorial solves your query. If you still have anything to ask, you can always leave a comment.



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