How to Delete Tinder Account

Delete Tinder Account

Tinder doesn’t need any introduction. It is the most popular dating apps used globally by teens. The app lets you explore people around you and find someone to date. If you are using Tinder and now you have no plans to use it further, you can uninstall the app. But uninstalling the app doesn’t delete your data. If you really care for your data, you can delete the Tinder account before uninstalling the app.

If you delete the Tinder account, it will delete everything including photos, matches, and chats. You will have to create a fresh account in case you want to come back to Tinder again. In this article, I will tell you all the options, so you know what is suitable for you.

There could be several reasons to stop using Tinder, here a few.

  1. You want a break – Hide profile
  2. You do not want to use Tinder now – Uninstall the app
  3. You have decided not to exist on Tinder anymore – Delete Account

Now I will explain everything and will tell you what you can do in any of these cases.

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How to Hide Your Profile on Tinder

If you just want a break, there is no need to delete the account or uninstall the app. You can just hide your profile until you want to come back on Tinder. In this way, your profile, photos, and chats will be there.

For this, open the Tinder app and head to Settings. Here, scroll to find the option “Show me on Tinder” and enable it.

Delete Tinder Account

Even after hiding your profile, you can keep using Tinder chat and talk to existing matches.

If you ever want to appear again on Tinder, use this option again to re-enable your profile visibility.

How to Uninstall the app

If you do not want to use Tinder now and also do not want to keep the app on your phone, you can simply uninstall the app. Your Tinder profile will be there and you can always make a comeback. Uninstalling the Tinder app deletes the app from the phone and you will not receive any notification from Tinder. I don’t think I need to explain how you can uninstall the app.

Note: Hiding your profile or uninstalling the app doesn’t cancel your subscription. If you were using any of the TInder subscriptions, make sure you cancel the subscription yourself. Otherwise, Google Play will keep charging you even if you are not using Tinder.

Permanently Delete Tinder Account

If you are happily married now or you found a soulmate, you may think of deleting your account. In case you have decided to remove yourself from Tinder permanently, you can Delete your Tinder account.

Open the Tinder app and then head to the Settings page. Scroll down the page, and see the Delete option.

Like other apps, it will also try to suggest not to delete and take a break if you want. If you have decided to delete, click on Delete My Account link. Tell Tinder the reason. Once this is done, it popup option to delete your account will be there once again. Then you can finally delete your account.

Now you can finally uninstall the app.

Final Words

Now you know how to permanently delete Tinder account. If you wanted to know this, you got the solution. I have also mentioned how different reasons and solutions. See what is suitable for you.

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