How to download Twitter videos


Twitter is the popular microblogging site which lets users share 140 character tweets. Not just text, users can also share videos and photos on it. Users can also share vine and YouTube videos. If you want to upload videos directly to Twitter, you can do the same from mobile apps and websites. The option is simple and straightforward. If you are active on Twitter, you probably see many videos daily on Twitter. But what if you want to download Twitter videos to watch it offline or share it with friends on other apps. Yes, there are few ways. In past, I wrote about the downloading Facebook video. In this post, I am adding the ways to download Twitter videos.

How to download Twitter videos

There is no option on Twitter to download videos. Twitter also does not want you to download videos from its services. So, you will have to try third-party tools. These tools work fine with around 90% success ratio. You can try these tools to download videos from Twitter. Few tools also let you download videos in different kind of quality options. I also found playback issues with few video players. But VLC is the best option in these cases.

In this article, I am explaining different kinds of tools to download Twitter videos. Read to know all those ways.

1. Online tools

a) Savedeo

How to download Twitter videos

Savedeo is a nice website to download videos from Twitter. You just need to paste the Tweet URL in the text box and click on download button. In few seconds, it will process and give you the download link. Not just video, it also works fine with GIF.

I also want to note a problem with the downloaded video. Few video players will not be able to play the downloaded video properly. So, you should try VLC in this case.

b) VedeDown


VedeDown is the similar kind of website which lets you download the videos from Twitter. Just paste the tweet link in the text box and click on download button.

2. Browser Extensions

Twitter Video Assist

Twitter Video Assist is the Google Chrome extension which allows you to download videos from Twitter. You only need to install this in your browser. You have the option to download the video as GIF or in MP4 format.

Download in Google Chrome

3. Mobile apps

GIF | Video | Tweet Downloader

This is a utility app which helps to download GIF and videos from Twitter. It does not require any login. You just need to open the tweet and click on share icon. From the list, share GIF Tweet Downloader” ,and press download. This app was initially released for GIF only but later, it also added support for videos.

Download app on Android

Final Words

There are many other ways of downloading videos from Twitter. But, these ways are enough for you. Use any of these ways. I recommend you to use the web applications given in the point 1. Even if you are on mobile devices, open those websites in the browser and try downloading videos from Twitter. It avoids the risk of downloading any malicious app.

I also want to recommend not use any copyrighted content for commercial use. If you this, we will not be responsible for any trouble you create for you. Most of the digital content on social media can be claimed for copyright. So download videos just for your personal use.

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