How to enable Chrome’s auto-correction Feature


Auto-correct is the feature which tries to guess what you meant to type. Although, it is well known for texting fails, but still it is a useful feature. If you generally do spelling mistakes, it helps you. We generally have this feature on our smartphone. But Google Chrome also offers this feature. But this feature is not activated by default. You will have to activate it from Chrome Flags page.

Enable Automatic Spelling Correction from Chrome Flag

Open Chrome browser and type chrome://flags and the try search for the Enable Automatic Spelling Correction option. Enable this option and then re-launch the browser.

How to enable Chrome's auto-correction

Now try how it works.

For me, it was working fine. But this is the experimental featur and may have some ill effect in your browser. So, you should take care of this and disable if you find something wrong with the browser after enabling the feature.


There are also few browser extensions which also bring similar kind of features.

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