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Ever since browsers started offering tabs, it became a part of our daily browsing. People use multiple tabs to access several websites at the same time. I personally keep more than 20 tabs open all the time to keep information access at one click. But these tabs sometimes become hard to manage when there are too many. So, Google Chrome has come with a solution that helps you in organizing open tabs. Now you have a new feature called “Tab Groups” that lets you make a group of tabs and add a color-coded label. So, you can reduce the clutter without affecting your browsing experience.

Tab Groups is still an experimental feature that means developers at Google are still working on it. The feature may change the behavior in the coming days or many be removed completely if the feedback is not good. If you have Google Chrome 80, you can try this.

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How to Enable Group Tabs in Chrome

As the feature is experimental, you need to enable it before you can use it. Open the new tab in Google Chrome, write following into the Omnibox and press enter.


In the Flags window, search for Tab Groups.

Now in see the dropdown in front of Tab Groups section and enable it.

It will ask you to relaunch the browser before you could use this feature.

After you relaunch the browser, you can start using the Group Tab feature. First, open a few tabs to make a group.

Right click on any tab title and you will see an option saying “Add to new Group.”

Then you will see a thick border along with a dot near the tab. Click on that dot to enter the group name and select a color label.

Now right-click on any other tab title and you will see a new option saying, “Add to an existing group.” Use this option to add the new tab to the existing group.

See the snapshot to understand how a group of tabs look like.

Following the same way, you can remove an item from the group whenever you want. Just right click on the tab title and you have an option.

This feature still misses a few things, but we expect it to become better by the time. The feature is still experimental and we users have an option to send feedback. I want the ability to merge groups, so these tabs don’t take much space and clicking on the group icon reveals the tabs. This will surely make the browser look clean even after having a lot of tabs open.

Now you know how to use the Tab Group feature in Google Chrome. So, enable it and try if you like to try new features.

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