How To Extract & Download Multiple Email Attachments


All email services allow users to send files are email attachment. All emails are saved in our emails which are accessible for always. As a result, we have so many emails with important document attached in our inbox. Sometimes we need to download attachments from some specific emails. But there is no default way to download attachments from multiple emails. We need to open all mails individually and then download attachments.

But there are few third party tools available that allow users to download attachments from multiple emails and save to your computer’s storage.

Mail Attachment Downloader is a desktop client which helps users to extract all the attachments from your emails and then save them to specific folders. This is a nice tool and supports Gmail, Hotmail/Live, AOL and Y!Mail. You can easily configure it to work with other email services as well.

It uses standard IMAP or POP3 protocols to talk to your mail server and downloads mail to your system.


It also come with filters to control which type of attachments you want to download. These are some filters.

  • You can filter email attachments by size (“greater than”)
  • You can choose to check all mail or selectively check new messages only.
  • You can filter email attachments by file type (movies, pictures, music, documents)
  • You can filter emails by the sender of recipient, the keyword in subject or in the body;
  • You can also specify the time frame.
 How To Extract & Download Multiple Email Attachments
You can also specify the time and then minimize it to system tray and it will download attachments either daily, hourly or a custom time you specify.
Use this nice tool and share your experience with us.



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