How to Force Quit Mac Applications

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Mac OS X is a nice operating system which is known for its high performance. Although, users usually do not face issues and applications behave normally. But things can go wrong and an application may stop responding. In this case, you can either wait for the app to respond or force quit the app. In Windows, we have the option to press ctrl + alt + del to open task manager and then close the process. But in Mac, there is no such option like ctrl alt del. But you have different option to try. There are various ways to force quit mac app. These ways are called Force Quit and it is very simple to do.

Force Quit Mac Applications

These are few ways to force quit Mac app. You can follow any of these ways.

Force quit via keyboard shortcut

If you are comfortable with keyboard shortcuts, you can try this way. Press and hold Command + Option + Esc to open the “Force Quit Application” dialogue box. Now, select the app you want to quit in then and click “Force Quit”. Mac asks you to confirm the force quit.

How to Force Quit Applications on Mac

In few seconds, that app will be closed forcefully. If you again want to work on the same app, you can reopen it.

Force quit via Menu

There is also a way using menu options. You can click on Apple menu and select Force Quit. It will also open the “Force Quit Application” dialogue box. Select the app you want to close and confirm that you actually want to close the app.

Force Quit Mac Apps

Force quit via Terminal

There is also a way to force quit the app via terminal. Open terminal. Type  ps -ax and press enter. This will give you the list of all running processes with unique PID of all processes. To kill a specific process, see its PID and then type following command: kill <PID>
It will instantly kill that process.

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Final words

I hope now you know how to force quit Mac apps. Whenever you see an app creating trouble and is not responding, you can use these ways to forcefully quit apps. Although Mac is optimized enough to respond properly, it happens sometimes. So, you must know how to force quit Mac Apps.

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