How to Get Your Adsense Account Easily Approved


Google AdSense is the best PPC ad network. It is the most trusted and most used ad service with millions of advertisers. But it is very strict with its terms and services. Most of the new webmasters are rejected from the AdSense approval team. Sometimes, it is frustrating when we try many times and get failure.

How to Get Your Adsense Account Easily Approved

If your website is new, Google is now going to approve you. Google wants to maintain the quality of publishers. So it rejects new websites and websites which look spam. If you are a new webmaster and want to get Google AdSense account approval, you can follow these tips.

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Follow these steps

  1. Buy a top-level domain from some domain registrar. For most of the countries, now TLD is must for AdSense account. Top-level domains are .com, .info, .net and many other domain name extension. If you have a website running on or subdomain, you need to switch on the custom domain.
  2. Post good quality content on your website. Do not publish copy pasted content or do not publish content protected by copyright law unless you have the necessary legal rights to display that content.  Good content is the key to earn more and more from AdSense. You website must have enough content. If you have only 4-5 posts, you should not apply for Google AdSense. Try to have at least 25-30 SEO optimized posts. And each post must have more than 300 words. Short posts looks spammy and do not contain enough knowledge.
  3. Wait for some time after publishing your website. According to Google terms and conditions website must be 6 months older. But you would be approved in less than 6 months if your website has good and enough content.
  4. Website should have good design with proper navigation. Website must look professional. This is the main thing which we should care. If you are running a website on the blogger, we can try to switch to a professional template.
  5. Try to get more traffic to your website. Although this have less role in approval, your AdSense is nothing without traffic. For earning with AdSense, you should also have good traffic. So you should learn SEO and try to apply it on the website.
  6. Once, you have made these changes, re-apply to AdSense in the next 20-30 days.

Here I want to say 1 thing which should be clear to you. Never try to get AdSense account with some tricks or buy it from others. Because Google is very strict with its terms and condition. If you are rejected by AdSense it means your website is not ready for AdSense. If you get AdSense account from some illegal ways, your account will surely be disabled before your payment. Always try a natural way to get AdSense account. Try 6 steps given above.


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