How to Go ‘Incognito’ in YouTube

Go Incognito in YouTube

Google has been offering Incognito mode on Chrome for long. Incognito mode allows you to privately view content and your browsing history or download history will not be recorded by the browser. Now the same is available for YouTube as well. If you watch a video on YouTube, YouTube records it on your watch history. You can turn off the watch history or search history, but what if you just want some of your searches and video views not to be recorded. This is the reason YouTube has finally added the incognito mode in its app. It is because turning search and watch History on and off again and again increases overhead.

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Incognito mode is only available on YouTube for Android. It seems iOS users will have to wait longer.

If you use YouTube’s incognito mode, your video views and search queries will not be recorded. It is also easy to start and stop. If you are not sure how to use Incognito mode on YouTube, keep reading.

Before I start, you must know that Incognito mode just tell YouTube not to record any of your browsing history. Your ISP can still know what videos you watched. It doesn’t make you anonymous. If you want to go anonymous, you can use a VPN. Here is the list of best free VPN apps for Android.

Steps to Go ‘Incognito’ in YouTube

If you want to use Incognito mode in YouTube, follow these steps.

Open YouTube app and tap on your profile icon located at top right side of the screen. Now tap on “Turn on Incognito”

Turn on Incognito

Now you are browsing YouTube on Incognito. There will be a black strip at the footer saying “You’re incognito” to confirm that Incognito mode is on.

Turn on Incognito YouTube

When you are browsing Incognito, you will not be able to access Subscriptions, Inbox and Library.

Final Words

Now you know how to go Incognito on YouTube. This will surely help you a lot. You can easily keep unwanted videos away from your watch and search history. We have so many other good articles on YouTube. Do not miss those. If you have any question, you can leave it in the comment.

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