How to Improve Page Rank of Your Website

Website page rank is the most important for website ranking in Google search results. All webmasters want to improve the page rank of their website as fast as possible. Better Google page rank always helps in attracting better paying advertisers. But having high page rank is not so easy. You can try to improve the page rank of your website fast by following some important points. Before writing more on those tips, i want to tell you that the Google page rank update process is done in 3-4 months interval but some times it had been done in less or more time. So you have to wait for the next update to see the change in your website page rank.

Google Page rank

Traffic on your website does not depend on the page rank of your website. It always depends on the keywords of your website and content.

What is Google Page rank?

Google Page rank is the ranking factor of Google in which it gives 0-10 number to each web page. If a page has page rank 10, it means it has the best value in Google’s eyes. 0 page rank means no value. So we must try hard to get page rank as higher as we can get. There are various factors by which Google calculates page rank of the page. Although, Google never revealed the exact method of how it calculates the page rank. But some parts of the algorithm had been made public which shows that back-links from other websites have much importance in getting better page rank.

Page rank is a numeric value that represents the importance of a web page in Google search. Google Page rank is all about inbound links and also quality content. Page rank is Google’s algorithm to rank the web pages on the internet. It is named after the name of Larry Page. It assigns the numerical values to each web page on the www. In this ranking, each page is assigned a number between 1-10. The page will In Google’s eyes a web page with a PageRank of 10/10 is very important and a web page with a PageRank of 0/10 is not very important.

To learn more about Google Page rank, read this Wikipedia article on PageRank.

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How to Improve the Page rank of your website

These are the few things that you must follow in order to improve the page rank of your website in the next Google Page rank update.

1. Original Content

First of all, I want to say the Original content is rewarded by Google so try to post and update your website with Google and original content. And readers are also in search of new things on the Internet so do not copy paste things from another website. Just write your own views and ideas. If you will give something better, you will surely get links back to your article. These natural back-links are the best thing which helps most in page rank. Google always respects websites that get natural back-links.

2. Regular Update

Update your website in a regular manner. This also makes your website valuable in Google’s eyes. Your readers will also come back daily to see your newest post. It will increase your website’s reputation among readers and bloggers. The more reputation you will have, the more chances to get links back to your articles.

3. Content Optimization

Optimize your content try to write correct English. Google hates spelling mistakes, but I know I do it in almost every post of my blogs. If you are a WordPress user, try to use some plugins which help in spelling mistakes. Now I also do the same to reduce spelling errors.

4. Back-links

Google ranks a website better having a good number of back-links. So link building strategy is very important for websites page rank. The more back-links you will have, the more chances to improve the page rank of your website in the next update. Guest blogging is the best way to get good quality back-links from a valuable website. You can also do comments on other high ranked blogs with a link back to your website. It is also a nice way to increase back-links. But you should not comment on too many blogs at a time. It will be counted as spam comments.

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In short, follow these things to increase back-links and improve page rank:

  • Guest Posting
  • Blog Commenting
  • Asking Other bloggers to link back to you.
  • Submit a website to good quality web directories
  • Article Marketing
  • Comment on forums with a link back to your website.

Always take care of the back-link quality. So try only to comment and guest posts on Good quality websites. Never try to get back-links in bulk.

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I know it is not so easy to improve page rank in each update. You will easily get page rank 3. But getting after that is really a hard task. You will have to build a different strategy for getting page rank 4 or higher.

Google Page Rank 3 is also good enough to attract advertisers and getting approved by BuySellAds and other high paying ad networks. So trying these ways to improve Page Rank of the website will be a smart move for you.

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