How to increase Alexa rank of your website

Ways to Increase Alexa Rank

If you are a blogger, you may have heard the name of Alexa rank. It is a commonly used term among bloggers. If do not know about this or want to know anything about it, you need to keep reading this article. In this article, I will write an in-depth Guide on Alexa Rank. I will also explain why this rank is important and what to do to improve Alexa rank. What is Alexa Rank?

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What is Alexa Rank?

Alexa is a website that ranks websites over the internet by the data collected by its toolbar. Alexa Rank is the website’s rank based on its traffic. Less Alexa rank means better traffic to your website. Basically Alexa rank depends on the website traffic of your website. It measures the traffic on the website with the help of its toolbar. And only those users’ visits are counted who have Alexa toolbar installed. This is the reason few people also call it as Alexa Traffic rank.

Alexa Rank is the subsidiary of Now, it also offers a premium subscription in which it offers SEO suggestions to its subscribers. You can also claim your website on Alexa and buy a premium subscription if you need SEO suggestions from Alexa’s SEO experts. Alexa ranks websites based on the 3 months traffic data of a website.

Having a better Alexa rank is beneficial. It also attracts more advertisers as it shows the traffic to your website. Some Advertiser only accepts website having Alexa rank less than some specific number. It makes Alexa rank more important. Having Alexa rank less than 100K makes your website valuable. Read the below section to know how to improve the Alexa ranking of your blog.

How to increase Alexa rank?

If you want to increase the Alexa rank of your website, here are some tips for you

  • Install the Alexa toolbar to your browser and set your website to your home page. As I mentioned, that Alexa only counts visit of the browser having Alexa toolbar installed, you must install Alexa toolbar to vote for your website’s ranking. The more you will open your website, the more traffic count will increase in the Alexa system. So, install the toolbar in all browsers on which Alexa toolbars are available. And open your website from all those browsers.
  • Claim your website on the Alexa website and submit proper contact information. Although it does not directly impact your ranking, it is good if you claim your own website.
  • Request your friends to install the Alexa toolbar and ask them to visit your website daily. If they will visit your website daily by using a browser with the Alexa toolbar installed, this traffic will be counted in your Alexa traffic rank. It will help Alexa to count the visits of your friends too.
  • Write more often and be a regular blogger. So, readers of your blog will visit daily. It will bring regular daily traffic. You already know that traffic is the key thing to improve Alexa.
  • Submit your blog or website to popular web directories. It may give your blog a good exposure. And you will get a few backlinks. Alexa also shows the linking in data which is also important. Be sure not to submit your blog to low-quality web directories. Also, start writing the guest posts to get more backlinks. It will help you in improving the SERP of your blog. In this way, you can improve the organic traffic of your blog. As traffic is the only thing affecting your blog’s Alexa rank, this will also help you in increasing Alexa rank of your blog.
  • Write quality content with proper keyword research. It will help you in improving the organic traffic. Traffic means better Alexa rank.
  • Be active on social media and share your posts there. Join a few blogging groups and share your posts with other bloggers. Bloggers will surely have Alexa extension installed in their browsers. So, you will get traffic which will help you in improving your blog’s Alexa rank.

Alexa traffic rank totally based on the amount of traffic on your website. So try to have a good amount of traffic on your website. The more traffic you will have on your website, the less Alexa rank you will get.

Unethical Way: There is another way which can help you in improving your Alexa ranking. If you want to improve Alexa rank quickly, you can try unethical ways. There is a service called Alexaboostup which claims to boost the Alexa rank of your blog. This service is a group of people who want to improve their Alexa rank. The service depends on the give and takes relationship. All members should have the Alexa toolbar installed. Visit the website of other users and earn credits. The more credits you will have in your account, the more traffic you will get back in return. If you want to improve Alexa rank fast, you can try this service. But the day, you will stop using this service, your Alexa rank will start growing again.

I never recommend this unethical way.

Why should you not try unethical ways to boost Alexa rank?

Having a good Alexa rank never helps in earning more income from ad networks. Yes, you can get a few paid advertisements but can never offer the ROI. But this will be a very rare case. Because most of the advertisers also prefer domain authority and reputation. And advertisers usually add tracking on ads. For earning from your blog, you should always try to write good quality posts to get organic traffic.

I think now you know that the more traffic you get from browsers with Alexa toolbars, the less Alexa rank your blog will capture. And this is the only thing in Alexa rank. Nothing else matters for this. No SEO, NO Link building and nothing else.

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