How to increase the playback speed of WhatsApp audio messages


Several people who hate typing long messages usually use audio messages option in WhatsApp. I also have a few friends who send me audio messages more than text messages. The problem comes when the audio message has too many pauses and you don’t have enough time for listening to a long audio. To solve this, WhatsApp has added playback speed control option in audio messages. You can increase the playback speed 1.5 times or 2 times as per your need. Changing playback speed also won’t change the voice pitch. If you still have no idea of how to use playback speed control in WhatsApp audio messages, keep reading.

Playback speed controls of WhatsApp audio messages

Open WhatsApp app and open a conversation where you have received an audio message. Tap on the play icon and play the voice message that you want to speed up.

When the message starts playing, you see the 1x icon on the audio message player. It indicates normal playback speed. Tap on 1x. It will be changed to 1.5x and the playback speed will also be 1.5x. Tap on 1.5x for switching to 2x playback speed. If you tap on 2x, it will be changed to 1x again.

As you see in the above snapshot, 1x, 1.5x and 2x icons are at the left side of the audio message player in the iOS. It will be on the left side of audio message player in the Android.

This is how you can control the playback speed of WhatsApp audio messages.

For now, this option is now for Android, iOS and web platform. It will also be available for WhatsApp desktop apps soon.


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