How To Install WordPress on Your Local System with Wamp


If you are going to start a website on WordPress or thinking to customize WordPress as your CMS, you should test it on your local environment first before making it live on internet. It will take less time in testing. If there is any problem in plugin or theme, it will not affect the original website.

In this post, i will write how to install WordPress locally on your system where you can do all your WordPress related experiments.

Things you need

You will need following things for installing and running WordPress on your system

  1. PHP configured web server (Apache)
  2. MySQL server
  3. WordPress Setup

If you have install WAMP server on your system, you already have 1 and 2. Now you only need to download WordPress Setup.

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Download WordPress:

To download the latest version of WordPress, visit the official WordPress website. WordPress is free and you are free to use or customize it in any way.

Download ZIP file and extract it on your system. Now put this folder into the root of wamp(WWW folder inside wamp installation folder). Suppose you have put WordPress folder inside WWW folder.

WordPress Installation:

After putting WordPress folder in the root of the web server (WWW of wamp), now start the wamp server. Open the browser and enter http://localhost/wordpress in the address bar. I assume that your WordPress files are inside the WordPress folder in the WWW folder. Changer the name in path if are using different name for installation.

When you go to the WordPress address (http://localhost/wordpress), it asks to create configuration file. Click on big button to create configuration file and then click on “Let’s Go!”.

At third step, it asks for database credentials and database name.

Install WordPress

Now open a new tab and open phpmyadmin in this new tab (go to the http://localhost/phpmyadmin). Here create a new database.

Now go to the setup page of wordpress and enter the name of WordPress database there. By default username will be root and password will be empty on wamp server. So leave password field empty. Enter database as localhost.

Click on Next and then click on Run the install. On the new page, enter your website details and  login credentials for the admin of the website. Then click on install WordPress.

Everything is fine now. You can access your website at http://localhost/wordpress and admin at http://localhost/wp-admin

Now you can do lots of experiments on WordPress without need to worry. It will help you to learn WordPress and how it works. You can also learn how to change WordPress code to customize its working.

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