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How to optimize website for Google Panda


How to optimize website for Google Panda

After the launch of Google panda, there was a much up and down in the ranking of websites. Now you should need to optimize your website according to panda Algorith to get better rank in search results.

You must follow the given methods to save your website from the slap of Google panda.

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Focus on Content: You should focus on the contents of your website. You should clearly know what contents do you write and who are your target audience. DO not target every one. Be focused on your content.

Clear Navigation: I have already written the importance of website navigation. Google panda hates poor navigable website. Make your website easy to navigate. According to Google Panda, website must be designed for visitors. And navigation helps visitors to access website content easily.

Write quality content: Try to improve quality of content you write. Good content is king for google. Google always reward good content website with good ranking and panda as well.

Relevant backlinks: Google panda is more focused on backlinks of a website. You must have relevant backlinks. Ensure the links are from respected sites, blogs and discussion boards in your niche. If you will try to increase by some black hat methods, you will surely get Google Panda slap.

No Copy Paste from other blogs: Google panda mainly focus on low quality content. So it also mark those blogs which copy content from other blogs. Content copy paste is the thing which Google Panda really hates. Always focus on creating good quality content. If you will produce your own good quality content, you will never have to fear from Google Panda slaps.

Try to build social media relationship with visitors. This also helps to get trust of visitors and Google as well. Google panda can ruin your website business if proper action is not taken so try to optimize your website and enjoy traffic. If you will follow these simple tips, you will never have to fear from Google panda slaps.


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