How to record calls on iPhone

Record iPhone Calls

Apple is strict in approving apps to go on the App Store. It is also clear when it comes to what apps can do on the iOS platform. Call recording is one of those features that are yet to be popular on the iPhone. Unlike Android, not many options are available. There’s no built-in option in iOS for recording calls. And there’s a reason why Apple has yet to include the call recording option.

There are federal and state laws against the call recording. You can record calls only if both parties verbally give their consent. There are similar kinds of laws in different states and countries. So, check your local laws if you need further clarification to avoid any legal trouble.

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Ways to record calls on iPhone

Now when you are ready to learn how to record calls, here are a few ways to record calls on the iPhone. None of these ways give a one-click easy call recording option. If you are switching from Android to iPhone, you will surely hate the iOS ecosystem for not having call recording apps.

1. Rev Call Recorder

Rev Call Recorder

Rev Call Recorder is the most popular app to record calls on the iPhone. Apple doesn’t allow apps to record phone calls, so, the app uses a little workaround. The app sets up a three-way call for offering call recording. So you will have to merge in the recording line.

For recording an outgoing call, you first need to open the Rev Call recorder, Tap Start Recorded Call > Outgoing Call. Here, type the phone number you want to call and tap the “Start Call”. I will then show you a brief tutorial of the process if this your first time.

Recording incoming calls is easier. You accept the call and then open the Rev Call Recorder app. Tap Start Recorded Call > Incoming Call. Then Tap “Call” to dial into Rev’s recording line.

It is important to note that all recordings are saved encrypted on Rev’s servers, but the company never suffered a data breach. The company only uses your recording for their transcription service and they charge consumers for that.

This app is also not available in just the United States. If you are living outside, you cannot use this app to record calls.


2. Call Recorder Pro for iPhone

Call Recorder Pro for iPhone

This is a pro app that also uses the same three-way calling way to record calls. It lets you record your incoming and outgoing calls. You just need to open the Call Recorder, go to record screen and tap the Record button. Your existing call will be put on hold and the app will dial the recording number. Once connected, you will have to merge calls to start a 3-way call between your existing call and app’s recording line.

The one-time app purchase just comes with 300 minutes worth of credits. You will have to buy more credits if you want to record more calls.

Download ($9.99)

3. Record using an external voice recorder

If you do not want to rely on third-party apps that make a 3-way calling and keep your call recordings on their server, you can look for this trick. You can buy a dedicated voice recorder gadget. For recording calls, put the phone on loudspeaker and then use the voice recorder gadget to record calls. You can purchase Zoom H1n recorder for this purpose.

This gadget is not suitable for most of the situation and you can only use it when you are at home. You can not put the phone on the loudspeaker to record calls all the time.

There’s a gadget calls RecorderGear PR200 Bluetooth Cell Phone Call Recording device that connects to both Android and iPhone to record calls. It wirelessly records both sides of a conversation.

There is another cool gadget called PhotoFast Call Recorder X for iPhone. It is PhotoFast Call Recorder X that connects to your phone over the lightning port. Then you can press the record button to start or stop recording. There’s also a Photofast Call Recorder+ App to manage the recorded calls. It works from iPhone 5 to all latest iPhone models. You can use it to record all kinds of calls such as network calls or VoIP calls.

Final Words

Recording calls on the iPhone is still a pain. Even after paying for apps, you need to initiate 3-way calls each time you want to record the calls. Some operators also do not support the 3-way calls. If you are using any such operator, these apps won’t work for you. If you are in urgent need of something to record your calls, buy RecorderGear PR200. This is a working way and your recordings will be in your control.


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