How to Request Removal Your Number From TrueCaller


Few days back, I wrote a nice post on tracing a phone number and search the owner. That post was about a nice app Trucaller. Truecaller is mobile app that is available in all popular mobile platform. This app contains a large database of phone numbers and their owners. And allows users to search a phone number and know about the owner.

  • What if I do not want to be traced?
  • How to keep out information private and remove my number from Truecaller if it has my number?

These are the two questions which I was asked many times after writing the post about Truecaller.

Before knowing this, you should know how Truecaller works.

How True Caller Works?


TrueCaller is a mobile app and is available on all popular mobile platforms. When people installs Truecaller app in their mobile phones, it grabs all contacts from the phone and put it in Truecaller database. All contacts in TrueCaller database are available publicly. Any one can search number from Truecaller database.

How to remove number from TrueCaller Database?

If you want to remove your number from TrueCaller, you can request from the company directly from a form. Just visit this form and enter your mobile number.

After submitting this form, your number will be removed from TrueCaller database within few days.


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