How to Search for Animated GIF images on Google Image Search


GIF images or memes are most popular on social media websites these days. So, most of the people generally search for relevant GIFs to share with friends. In previous posts, I posted various tools to search for GIF animations and create GIF animated images from YouTube or other video files. In this post, I will tell you how you can search popular animated GIF images by using Google image search.

Search for Animated GIF images on Google Image Search

There is no trick in this. You only need to use the image search tool which people generally ignore. Open Google images and search for the keyword to find the image. It will show you various image search results related your search query. Now, you have to filter the search results by using available search tools. Now click on search tools option located at the end of top menu below the search box. In search tools, select Type and select ‘Animated’ option.

Now, all results are animated GIF animations. Select one which you like and then use accordingly.

Images may be subjected to copyright. So, you should check the usage right before using any image for commercial purpose.


There is also an alternate way. You can go to advanced image search page. Here, you can provide keyword and select the image type to “Animated”.

How to Search for Animated GIF images on Google Image Search

This page will also provide the same kind of results. But using the default Google image search is faster than using this advanced search page.

There is also try Giphy for searching animated GIF images. This is the best gif search engine with thousands of interesting GIFs.

You can also search for GIF related posts on usethistip. I added various tools and services which you may find interested. If you know any other tool, you can share it with us via comments.


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