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Email is an important part of our daily life. We use email for personal or business communications. The email comes with a sender information along with the message. So, we can easily identify the sender of that email. Generally, we identify the sender with the sender email address.  But there is also a concept of fake email senders. Spammers sometimes send emails which look legitimate because of the known sender address. Due to known sender address, the receiver can easily fall into the trap. But the email was not actually sent by the sender address it had. For sending this kind of emails, you need to know how to send fake email.

In this article, I will explain about fake emails. I will also tell you about ways to send fake email from fake email address.

What is fake email?

Fake emails are that kind of emails which comes with forged sender address or fake sender address. This is also called email spoofing. There are few ways by which one can send emails with custom senders address. The receiver will only see the sender address what was added by the sender manually.

Fake emails are generally used by serving malware and sending fake or threatening messages.

Suppose a case where a jobless person receives an email for a job from a company. Email seems to be sent from HR of the company with the official email address and email asks for sending money before proceeding the recruitment process. Similar kind of fraud can be used to send phishing pages to steal the password.

I am sure, now you can assume how a person can misuse fake emails. So, you must know how these fake emails work and how to protect yourself from falling into a trap.

There are various online services that let you send email from fake email address. If you are a developer, you can also manually create a script to send emails from fake email address.

How fake emails work

When an email is sent, it basically contains two pieces of address information.

A) Receiver: Receiver is technically called “RCPT TO”. It contains email addresses where email is delivered.

B) Sender: Sender is visible as “Return-path:”. But it basically contains two things. From and Reply-to. From is the address of the sender and Reply-to is the address where all the email replies will go.

There is no check for these emails. There is no check, so anyone can do manipulation in these fields. Fake email sending ways usually manipulate the sender information from email headers. Most of the email clients just show the information without any kind of basic check.

Note: If you are using random Gmail address as sender and sending email to a Gmail address, Google will put a note about phishing in that email.

how to send fake email from fake email address

There are few ways to send fake email from fake email address. This is for your information and knowledge. We are not encouraging you to send fake emails.

Below, we are listing two ways of how to send fake email. You can try following ways:

1: Fake email sender services

There are various online services which let you compose emails and add a fake email as the sender address. These are few services:


There are many other services. But these services work without any issue. You can try sending fake emails with any of these services.

2. Custom scripts

If you know how to code and own an online server with SMTP service, you can easily create the script to send emails with any fake emails. PHP Mailer is the popular email sender script used by developers across the world. Almost all programming languages also have default mail sending function. You can also use that default mail sending function to send email from fake email address.

If you have anything to ask about a specific programming language, you can comment below.

How to check if the email was sent from a fake emailer service?

Even though I am writing this article on sending a fake email address in this post, I wrote an article on how to check if email was sent from fake address long time back. You must read that article to know about fake email identification in detail. I have mentioned all kind of working steps to find out if the email was fake.


If you got any bad plans after knowing how to send fake emails, you are going to create trouble for you. Using these service just for kidding your friends is fine, but illegal use of these services is risky. Because all these services keep logs of IP addresses. Not just these services, “Received:” lines in the email header will also reveal your IP address. So, law enforcements can easily track you. So, I do not recommend you to use fake email services for any illegal works. At UseThisTip, we will not take any responsibility for this. This article was only for educational purpose.

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