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How to Set Maximum Number of Tabs in Google Chrome


All the browsers now support tabbed browsing that allows users surf multiple web pages simultaneously on the single browser window. Although it saves our time and effort, it can create confusion sometimes when we open too many tabs in the browser. Too many tabs also consume lots of system RAM and affect the system performance.

To avoid this problem, we can limit a maximum number of tabs we can open in the browser. This is not a default feature of browsers but Google Chrome users can enjoy this feature by installing ‘Controlled multi-tab browsing’ extension. If you limit the number of tabs, you will always be using a limited number of Tabs. IN this way, you are indirectly controlling the RAM usage.

To install this extension, open Google Chrome browser and go to the Chrome app store and install ‘Controlled multi-tab browsing’ extension. After installation, you will see a new icon on your browser’s omnibar. To set the maximum number of tabs on the browser, click on this icon and select the maximum number of tabs.It will show a pop up saying, “You have decided not to open more than x tabs.” Here X is the number of selected tabs.

Maximum Number of Tabs in Google Chrome
Now try to open more than selected number of tabs in the browser. As you reached the maximum limit, it will show a pop-up warning message saying, “You have decided not to open more than X tabs.” here X is the maximum number of tabs you
selected to open.
I personally like this extension as it saves my time while working. By limiting the number of tabs, I can properly focus on work and keep system load away.
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