How to set minimum and maximum comment length in WordPress

How to set minimum and maximum comment length in WordPress

Comments are a very essential part of a blog. Comments encourage bloggers to write more for their engaging readers. It also confirms that readers on your blog are engaging. But the Comment system is also a weak point of WordPress. Most people comment in blogs just to get the backlink. Most of these people just write comments like “Great post,” “Well said,” “thanks for writing” or something similar. I already posted how to stop comment spam by adding captcha. But captcha can only prevent automatic scripts from posting the comments. It will not stop human comment makers from making spam comments. So, you must think about something to only get genuine comments and more engaging readers.

Limiting the comment length is a also a nice way of doing this. You can limit the minimum comment length or maximum comment length. Doing this will force users to write genuine and useful comments only. If still a person tries to flood the comment, you can easily recognize the spam comment.

How to set minimum and maximum comment length in WordPress

To set the comment length limit, you can either use a plugin or add code in the theme. I guess, using the plugin is the easier way for most of the users. Control Comment Length is the free WordPress plugin that lets to set minimum and maximum comment length both in your blog. You can easily install and set comment length. The plugin has a German interface with English translation available. So you can easily get to know where to set minimum comment length and where to set maximum comment length.

Set comment length WordPress

I recommend to set minimum comment length to 50 and maximum comment length to 5000. This range is good to prevent spammers. In textarea, you can also write the message which you want to display if the comment does not fulfill a specific criteria.

This plugin works nice.

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