How To Skip Redirection of Linkbucks, Adf.ly and Other Ads


On the internet, everything is fine but some websites irritate us by showing too much ads. These ads are irritating when we click on a link and we have to wait for some redirection ads. These ads can only be skipped after after 5 seconds.

If you want to get rid of these kind of ads, you can use this nice browser script. This script is called Redirection Helper. It can be installed on Firefox with the help of Grease Monkey and directly to Google Chrome. It not only removed the annoying redirection ads, but also removed Ad Masks.

This script supports these redirection ads

  1. adf.ly
  2. urlcash.net
  3. linkbee.com
  4. lnk.co
  5. pushba.com

This script supports these Ad masks website


  1. turboimagehost.com
  2. imagevenue.com
  3. imageporter.com
  4. imagedunk.com
  5. imageswitch.com
  6. picleet.com
  7. picturedip.com
  8. pixhost.org

 Follow these steps to Install Redirection helper in Google Chrome

IF you are Google Chrome, just click on the link and visit the official website. Find the Install button at the top right corner of the page.

How To Skip Redirection of Linkbucks, Adf.ly and Other Ads

Follow These Steps to Add Redirection Helper in Firefox

In Firefox, we can not directly install this script. First of all, we need to install GreaseMonkey Addon. After installing GreaseMonkey, You will see a monkey icon at the top right corner of the browser. Click on it and then click on “New User Script.”

Then install Redirection Helper script to Firefox.


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