How To Specify The Start Position In A Youtube URL


YouTube is one of those websites which we almost use daily. We use YouTube for enjoying music videos and videos shared by other persons. Sometimes if we find something in a video very funny, we also share it with friends. But what if the video is too long and you only want to show only a specific part in the video? You will share the URL of the video and other person will watch either the whole video of will try to scroll the progress bar slider to the place from where you want him/her to watch. You can also help by specifying the time of that specific moment in the video.

How To Specify The Start Position In A Youtube URL

But there is a better way of this. If you want other person to watch video from a specific time, you can craft the URL of the YouTube video to play from that specific time. For example, if you want him to watch the video from 2 min12 seconds, you can modify the YouTube video URL to play directly from that time. It means you can specify the start position of the video in the URL.See the below video URL. It will start playing the video from 1m 10 seconds.

You only need to add #t=XmYs at the end of video URL where X is the minute and Y is the seconds.

You can also achieve the same effect by adding #t=70 at the end of the video URL. Here, if you are not using minute and second, you can directly add the seconds after which you want it ti play the video.


Try this YouTube tip.


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