How to Take Screenshots in Mac or Print Screen Mac

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In Windows-based laptops and desktops, there is a print screen key to take the screenshot of the current screen. But there is no such key (print screen mac) in Apple’s Mac systems. If you have just switched to Apple’s systems running on MacOS, you will find it hard to take screenshots. As there is no print screen mac button, you will find it hard to take a screenshot on Mac. Apple offers various ways to take screenshots just by using few keyboard shortcuts. You only need to learn how to use those keyboard shortcuts.

How to Take Screenshots in Mac or Print Screen Mac

There are few keyboard shortcuts to take screenshots in Mac OS X. You only need to press these keys and you are done. See the list of keyboard shortcuts for taking screenshots of the screen in this article. These keyboard shortcuts can be seen as print screen mac.

1. Command+Shift+3
By pressing these keys simultaneously, you will be able to take the screenshot of the entire screen. This screenshot will be saved to the desktop. This keyboard shortcut can also be said as Print Screen Mac option. It works exactly same with an extra advantage. In Windows, Print screen only copies current screen in the clipboard. So, you have to paste that capture in paint or another photo editing tool to save it. But In Mac, this keyboard shortcut automatically saves the current screen.

2. Command+shift+4

This keyboard shortcut lets you select the area of the screen and then takes the screenshot. This also saves the screenshot in the desktop.

How to Take Screenshots in OS X

This is the best option of capturing the snapshot in Mac because you have freedom of selecting the capture area.

3. Command+shift+4, then spacebar and then click on a window

This process lets you capture the screenshot of selected Window and then save it to the desktop. This option is helpful when you want to capture a screenshot of any software or app. There can be various cases where you need to capture snapshots of app window.If you do not want to save the snapshot in desktop and only want to copy the snapshot to the clipboard, use these keyboard shortcuts with the control key. Adding control key in these screenshots will prevent saving in the desktop.

All these screenshots are useful and as a Mac user, you must know about these screenshots capturing ways.

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