How to turn off the camera sound on an iPhone

turn off the camera sound on an iPhone

One thing that most of the iPhone users miss in iPhone’s camera is the option to turn off camera sound. Whenever you capture a photo, the shutter sound notifies that you have clicked a photo. But there could be a lot of situations where we want a silent operation and do not want the camera to make the sound while capturing a photo. There is no option to turn off camera shutter sound in the Camera settings or Camera & Haptics settings. Then how can you do this?

Well, there are two ways to capture photos silently, but there is no way to turn off the camera sound on the iPhone. That means you can capture photos without the camera shutter sound by following the tricks I am adding.

Turn off the camera sound on an iPhone

Use Live Photos

Live Photos are basically 3 seconds long short videos with sound. The iPhone’s camera app captures 3 seconds of movement if you capture a Live Photo. There. 1.5 seconds of movement is before you press the shutter button, and 1.5 seconds is captured after that. As the Live Photos also capture sound, the shutter sound won’t be there while capturing a Live Photo.

To capture a Live Photo, tap on the icon with a series of concentric circles with a slash. When it is enabled, it becomes without a slash.

turn off the camera sound on an iPhone

Now when Live Photo mode is enabled, capture photos and there won’t be the shutter sound.

Use Silent switch

Apple’s iPhone comes with a ring/silent switch located on the left side of the phone. It is a physical switch to quickly put the phone in silent or ring mode. When you put the phone in silent mode, there won’t be a camera shutter sound.

turn off the camera sound on an iPhone

So, whenever you want to capture photos silently, use this switch to put the phone in silent mode.

Manually Lower the Volume

You can also use volume buttons to decrease the volume of the phone and it will also affect the camera shutter sound. When you are on home screen, use the volume down button until it shows mute. Now when your phone is mute, capture photos without any shutter sound.

Wrap up

These were a few ways to turn off camera sound on an iPhone. You can use any of the given ways to turn off the camera shutter sound. If you are not interested in Live Photos, the silent switch is a quick way but do not forget to use the switch again to put the phone in ringer mode. Otherwise, you will miss a few important calls.

It is also worth to note that people living in Japan or Korea cannot turn off this sound without jailbreaking their iPhone. It has been done to prevent people from clicking inappropriate photos of others without their knowledge.


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