How to Update Facebook Status From Any Device [Facebook Tip]


Whenever someone update his/her  Facebook status via mobile devices, it shows the device name just below the post. Suppose, a person updates his status from his iPhone 5, the update says “via iPhone 5.”

But there is a nice trick by which you can update your status from any device you want without having the device. It means, you can update your status from iPhone 5 without having iPhone 5.

How to Update Facebook Status From Any Device

This can be done by using few nice apps available. With this apps, you can update your Facebook status from any mobile.  Use following apps to update your status from these devices.


Update Via iPhone 5
Update Via iPhone 4
Update Via iPhone
Update Via iPad 3
Update Via iPad 2
Update Via Blackberry
Update Via Blackberry Touch
Update Via Blackberry Playbook
Update Via Calculator
Update Via MacBook
Update Via MacBook Pro
Update Via Android

Use links given above to update your status from the device you wish. 


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