How To Use Different Stylish Fonts on Instagram


You may have seen profiles sign some cool stylish fonts while there is no native option on Facebook to add such kind of fancy text. Here is an example of such fancy text on profile bio.

Use Different Stylish Fonts on Instagram

This kind of stylish fonts spices up your page because it looks cool. But Instagram uses one default font everywhere. You need to take the help of a few good third-party tools to write stylish text. In this article, I will tell you how you can use stylish fonts on Instagram.

You can use a stylish fonts on profile bio, comments, Stories and even in direct messages.

Stylish Fonts for Instagram

Here are a few places to get stylish fonts for Instagram. Use any of these for writing in different cool styles on Instagram COmments, DMs and Profile Bio.

1. IGFonts

IGFonts is a website that generates stylish text for the given text. You just need to open the website and write the text you want to write in stylish format on Instagram. It will generate a few cool styles to choose from.

IGFonts: Instagram Cool Fonts

You can copy anyone from the given styles and paste on Instagram where you want to use the stylish text.

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2. Instagram Fonts

Instagram Fonts is also a similar website that lets you generate different kinds of stylish texts for your Instagram Bio, DM and comments.

Here you can select from Stylish fonts, Italic, Bold, characters, Emoji and more. Just write the text, select from the given options and generate cool texts.

Instagram Fonts

From the generated styles, you can copy anyone you like and paste on your Instagram bio or comment.

3. Cool Fancy Text Generator

Cool Fancy Text Generator is also a similar kind of website where you can write the text and get it in different cool styles. In front of each style, it has a copy button to copy the stylish text.

Cool Fancy Text Generator for Instagram

You can now paste this stylish text on Instagram where you want to use it.

4. Stylish Text

Stylish Text

Stylish Text is an Android app for both Android and iOS that lets you generate Stylish Text to use on Instagram. On Android, it will sow a Floating Bar, so you don’t need to open the app each time you want to generate stylish text. You can use either the Android or iOS app depending on the phone you own.

Download: Android | iOS

Wrap Up

Now you know how to use different fonts on Instagram. There is no native option, so you need to use third-party tools to generate different styles and then copy-paste it to comments, bio of DM where you want to use it. All the tools I mentioned here work well. Different tools may have different exclusive style. So, do not forget to check all so you don’t miss any style.

U hope this guide was useful and informative. We have several informative articles on Instagram and cool tech tips. You can explore more articles to get in-depth information on different tech topics.

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