How to use Incognito Mode on Google Maps

Incognito Mode on Google Maps

Google has finally rolled out Incognito mode for Google Maps. This feature has been available in Google Chrome for long and was also added to YouTube a few months back. If you are not sure, read how to use Incognito mode on YouTube. In this article, I will talk about the Incognito mode of Google Maps and how to use it.

What Does Incognito Mode on Google Maps Do?

Like in other products, Incognito Mode never lets the app save your data. If you are using Incognito mode, Google Maps will not record your activities to your Google maps. The app will stop saving your browse or search history until you are using Incognito. It will also not send you notifications and will stop using your activity to personalize Maps.

As per Google, Google Maps will not

  • Save your browsing or search history in your account, or send notifications
  • Update your Location History or shared location, if any
  • Use your activity to personalize Maps

But it is worth to note that turning on Incognito mode in Google Maps will not make you hidden from internet providers. They can still access your data. Other apps on your phone can still see your location.

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Incognito Mode on Google Maps

If you want to know how to use Incognito mode on Google Maps, keep reading.

Open the Google Maps app on Android. Top on your profile picture located at the top right side of the app. Here, you will see an option saying “Turn on Incognito mode,” tap on it.

Incognito Mode on Google Maps

The app will reload and open the Maps in Incognito. It will also notify you that Incognito mode is active.

When you are in Incognito mode, you can see the Incognito icon at the top right of the app. It shows that you are using the app in Incognito mode.’

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Go back to Normal Mode from Incognito Mode

If you want to go back to normal mode, you need to tap the Incognito icon at the top right of the app. It will show the option to turn off Incognito mode. Tap on it and the app will reload to open the app in normal mode.

Incognito Mode on Google Maps

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Final Words

Now you know how to use Google Maps’ Incognito Mode. It is only available for the Android app. Not sure when Google will release it for iOS. You can easily turn it on when you do not want Google to save your data on Google maps.

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