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Google Chrome is the most popular web browser around the globe. It comes with lots of built in features to make your web browsing experience better. You also have option to install several extensions to add more features and boost your productivity.

Google Chrome still lacks “Night Mode” feature. While Google Chrome for Android comes with a similar option, Desktop version of Chrome lacks it completely. Night Mode automatically adjusts the display to completely remove the blue light and gives you comfortable experience in night. This is the reason, it is important for those who work late night.

Use Night Mode in Google Chrome

If you are interested in getting the Night Mode option in Google Chrome, keep reading and I will tell you how to use night mode in Google Chrome for PC and Android phone.

Night Mode In Google Chrome for PC

Google Chrome lacks any dedicated feature like night mode or option to filter Bluelight on desktop version. So, you have to rely on Extensions. Here are few extensions to bring Night mode in Google Chrome.

1. Hacker Vision

Hacker Vision is not a free extension, but you can use it for first 6 months without paying anything. After the 6 months, it they charge a small amount.

As soon as you install the extension, it starts working. It also asks you to sign in using Google account. You can skip that step. See the screenshot to know how it changes the color to give you night mode.

Night Mode in Google Chrome

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2. Dark mode / night reader

Dark mode / night reader

It is also a similar extension that inverts page color showing you a dark theme. In this way, it reduces eye strain and gives good experience in night.

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3. Turn Off The Lights

We have already mentioned this extension when I posted Cool chrome extensions for YouTube. As the name suggestions, it turns off the light to add a dark theme on Chrome. This extension also asks for sign in but you can skip the step. After installation, it adds an icon in omni bar. Tapping on that will enable the dark theme.

Turn off the lights

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Night Mode In Google Chrome for Android

In Google Chrome for Android, you have option to change themes. You get Light, Dark, and Sepia themes along with option to customise the font style and size. Here are the steps to enable the dark theme for night mode.

But there is a limitation to this feature. You can access to theme option only if you enable the Simplified view option. So, you need to first enable this. In simplified view, Chrome removes all fancy tabs and colors to give you a cleaner view of websites.

To enable the reading mode, Open Google Chrome and tap on three-dot icon in the top-right corner. Then, tap Settings. Under Settings, tap Accessibility. Then, enable Simplified view.

Night Mode In Google Chrome for Android

Here one thing to note that it will not show all web pages in the Simplified view. Only supported websites will be converted to show in Simplified view. When a page is supported, you will see a popup at the bottom.

When in a Simplified view, tap on three-dot icon in the top-right corner. Then, tap Appearance option. It only appears when you browse a page in Simplified View. Now you can swicth to dark theme.

Night Mode In Google Chrome for Android

Now start browsing web pages in dark theme.

Final Words

In this article, I have explained how to switch to dark theme in both Chrome for PC and Android phone. Depending on your browsing habit, use the tips given in this article. If you find problem in following any of the steps given in this article, you can always ask me using the comments section below.

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