How to Use Shortcuts and Create Custom Shortcuts in GMail


Gmail is the most popular email service that is just about to become the number one email service provider. to become the Gmail power user, we need to master the Gmail’s keyboard shortcuts. Keyboard shortcuts allow us to work faster on Gmail.

How to Use Shortcuts and Create Custom Shortcuts in GMail

GMail has few keyboard shortcuts by default that we can use to work faster than mouse movements and clicks. But we need to enable keyboard shortcuts first to use and then learn these keyboard shortcuts.

Enable Keyboard Shortcuts

By default, Gmail has not made keyboard shortcuts default. So we need to enable it manually. Follow these steps to enable keyboard shortcuts in Gmail.

Step 1: Click on gear icon and then click on settings.


Step 2: Find Keyboard Shortcuts option under the General tab and select Keyboard Shortcuts on and then scroll down the page and save the changes.

You can also click on this link to enable keyboard shortcuts.

See All Keyboard shortcuts:

To view all keyboard shortcuts, click on list of Gmail keyboard shortcuts.
You can also see Keyboard shortcuts by pressing Shift + ?

Create Custom Keyboard Shortcuts

Although, there are many keyboard shortcuts are there by default, you can also make your own custom keyboard shortcuts to make your work easy. Follow these steps to create your own keyboard shortcuts.

Step 1: Go to settings again by clicking on gear icon and then settings. 
Step 2: Now go to to Labs tab.
Step 3: type “Custom keyboard shortcut” in search box and enable it.
Step 4: Save changes. It will reload the Gmail page again and take you to the inbox.
Step 5: Now go to settings page again. You will see a new tab Keyboard Shortcuts at the end. Click on this tab.
Steps 6: Here you will see all keyboard shortcuts and an option to change it. Change Keyboard shortcuts according to you.

create custom keyboard shortcuts

To disable your custom keyboard shortcuts, click the Restore Defaults link at the bottom of the Keyboard Shortcuts pane.


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