How To Use Two WhatsApp Accounts On Your Android Phone

Use Two WhatsApp Accounts On An Android Phone

WhatsApp is the most popular messaging app across the globe. This Facebook-owned app has over 1 billion active users. It allows sending text messages, voice calls, video calls, photo sharing, location sharing and contacts sharing. The app uses mobile number to create an account. But what if you are using two numbers and want WhatsApp account on both numbers in the same phone?

Android doesn’t allow installing two instances of the app. Unlike Instagram, WhatsApp also doesn’t allowing using multiple accounts within the app. So how to use two WhatsApp accounts on your Android Phone? I have few solutions.

Before you read other solutions, you should check your phone’s software. Few smartphone companies including Xiaomi, Oppo, Honor, Huawei and Vivo offers native support for dual apps features. Here is the snapshot for Xiaomi’s MIUI.

Two WhatsApp Accounts

If your phone support that, you can easily create a copy of WhatsApp using that feature and start using two WhatsApp on your phone.

As I said, most of the Chinese brands that offer custom ROM come with dual apps feature. So, you should check your phone’s settings panel before thinking about third-party options.

If your phone runs on stock Android or your phone’s ROM doesn’t support dual apps option, you need to follow these given ways.

Install and Use Two WhatsApp Accounts Android

If you are looking for methods to run two WhatsApp accounts in one phone, here is how to install and use 2 WhatsApp accounts in 1 phone.

Method 1: Use App Cloners

1. Parallel Space

Parallel Space is an interesting app that allows you to clone and run two instances of same app on your phone. You can download the app from Play Store.

Parallel Space

After the installation, it creates a parallel space on your phone and asks you to clone apps. Not just WhatsApp, you can clone Facebook, Messenger and other apps. But Instagram and Twitter already allow multiple account support. SO, there is no need to clone those apps.

2. App Cloner

App Cloner

App Cloner is also a similar kind of mobile app that allows users create multiple instance of an app. You can clone WhatsApp and start using multiple accounts of WhatsApp on your phone. You can also change the clone app’s name and icon to keep it secret.

The free version of the app allows basic cloning but there is also a paid version of the app that allows lots of other features.

3. Dual Space

Dual Space

Dual Space is also a simple app for creating copies of an app. It is also compatible with WhatsApp. So, you can use this app to clone WhatsApp and use two WhatsApp on the same phone. In the way, you can use your personal and work number separate. You can easily switch from one account to other. It also doesn’t consume much power and CPU.

Method 2: Use Multiple User Profiles on Android

New Android phones now allow you to create multiple user account on a phone including a guest account. If you want to use two WhatsApp accounts on 1 phone, you can create a separate profile on your phone and instal WhatsApp or any other app there.

Multiple user profile is available in phones running on Android’s Lollipop and later versions. Many custom ROMs including MIUI also offer the same.

Use Multiple User Profiles on Android

For creating a new profile on your Android phone, go to Settings and click on Users and then Add User. In the new user, you can install a new WhatsApp and configure it with other number.

Make sure you do not use the same number you are already using for your primary WhatsApp account.

Method 3: Install WhatsApp Business

If you wants to use the second WhatsApp account for business, you can use WhatsApp Business. That is the app for businesses to provide customer support and relevant information to their customers. So, you can manage your personal and business account from the same phone.

Install WhatsApp Business

You can create business profile and use it as a business messaging tool. You can even use a landline number for creating the account. WhatsApp Business is available for free on Play Store. You can download and install the app for free.

Install WhatsApp for Business

Final Words

Now you know how to use Two of more WhatsApp account on your Android phone. I have added three different ways to use multiple WhatsApp account on an Android phone. Depending on your choice, you can use any of these.

I hope this article helps. If you still have anything to ask, you can leave it in the comment.

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