How to Watch Age Restricted Videos on YouTube without Signing in


YouTube is one of the most popular websites where we can watch videos shared by other users. YouTube is second most visited website where people upload and watch content.. As the content is user-generated, there may be few videos that are not suitable for kids. YouTube allow these videos but creator must mark it as age-restricted. To watch these videos, you need to sign in to YouTube with your Google account.

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If you are adult, you can watch that video. But logging into your account means Google will start recording waht videos you have watched and it will also appear in your search history.

There may be few circumstances when we are on the public computer and do not want to enter our login details, but we are eager to watch an age-restricted video. Actually, there are few tricks that allow us to bypass this warning message and watch age restricted video without signing in into the YouTube. Let us have a look on those.

Ways to Watch Age Restricted Videos on YouTube without Signing in

Here are the few ways to watch age restricted videos on YouTube without logging into your account.

Note: If you are under 18 years of age, you may not try this trick. I writing this trick for those who are eligible to watch the video but afraid of typing username and password on public computer. We are not promoting any kind of adult material.

Follow these ways to remove age restriction warning.

1. URL Manipulation

When we are in a video that is showing the age restriction warning, copy the URL. It will be something like this

Just change it to.

Yeppi, you can now watch the video

It is worth to note that the trick will not work if the video is not allowed to play outside of the YouTube website.

2. NSFW Way

NSFW (Not Safe For Work) method is also related to URL manipulation but it is about changing the domain. You just need to add edit the YouTube URL. Enter ‘nsfw’ before in the URL.

So, Will be

See snapshot here.

This trick works fine. So, you can try this as well.

3. Musepic


If you want to watch age restricted videos on your mobile phone, you can either use the mobile browser with above given tricks or use a dedicated mobile video player app Musepic. It comes with widgets and popup style floating screen for playing videos.

Here, you can search for any restricted content and watch it without log into your YouTube account. You can also play any part of the video in loop as well.

Download Musepic

Final Words

There are similar kinds of apps and websites but why to check for others when you can easily do the same thing by using the given services. You can now use any of these ways to watch age restricted videos on your computer or mobile phone.

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