How You can See Full Size Profile Picture of a Locked Facebook Profile


It happens to all of us when we want to see the full size profile picture of a person who is not in our friend list. We can see full size picture by clicking on the profile picture. But this works only if the profile picture is added as public. If the person has applied privacy options, no one other than friends will be able to see the full size profile picture. Sometimes we came on few profiles that has attractive profile picture (Yeah, profile of girls) but we cannot see it in full size. 

How You can See Full Size Profile Picture of a Locked Facebook Profile

I have a nice trick that will allow you to see the profile picture in full size even if the person has applied privacy options.

Note: I am explaining this trick with my profile. It works on all profile. I will explain the reason after explaining the trick.

Method 1:

1. Open your Facebook account.
2. Now go to visit the timeline of any profile.
3. Right click on the profile pic and open image in new tab.
How You can See Full Size Profile Picture of a Locked Facebook Profile

4. Small size profile pic will open in the new tab with URL like this: 



5. See the part s160x160 in the URL. Remove it from the URL and visit this new URL. Now URL will be like this:


6. You will be able to see the full size profile picture of the person.
7. Alternatively, you can replace s160x160 with s720x720 in the URL. URL will be like this: 


Now enjoy full size profile picture of any person.

Method 2:

1. Open Facebook Account
2. Visit your profile and open your profile picture in full size.
3. Now right click on the picture and copy image URL. paste this URL in notepad. It will be like this


4. Now, Visit the person’s profile whose picture you want to see in big size.
As you cannot open the full size photo, we simply copy small photo URL. Right click and then copy image URL. It will be like this:


5. Copy the last number part in this small photo URL. See bold part in URL 164436_10200746369807471_297461518_n.jpg
6. Now replace the number part in the full size photo URL of your profile picture with this number.

Orginal URL: https://fbcdn-sphotos-e-a.akamaihd.net/hphotos-ak-ash4/311761_513292155352797_1931861679_n.jpg

After replacing the number part it will become


Enjoy full size profile picture.

Reason why we can see the profile picture in full size while there is privacy lock

Reason is simple. In the above two tricks, we used original URL of the profile pictures which fetches picture direct from the server. So, there will be no scripting restriction on the photo.
In case of any confusion, you can comment below.


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