How to Identify a Song on a Mac with Siri


Do you know that Siri can also identify songs? Just like Google assistant, you can also use Siri for identifying a song playing around. I also listed best apps to identify what song is this. But this article is about identifying a song playing on Mac with Siri.

For using this feature, you ned a system with Siri support and Siri enabled. If your MacOS supports Siri, you are ready to try this feature. Your Mac should also have an internal microphone working for picking up songs that are playing.

Identify a Song on a Mac with Siri

Either play a song on Mac or play a song on any other device and keep it close to your Mac computer. Now click on the button in the upper right corner of the Mac to activate it. Ask Siri “what song is playing” or “What song is this”.

Siri will take few seconds in listing to the song and then show you the results.

What song is this

I tried several songs and it worked pretty well. Siri can identify songs of different languages. So, do not forget to try this in your local language and see if it works.

Final Words

Now you know how to identify a song on Mac with the help of Siri. It uses Shazam for giving these results. You can also see that it shows Shazam branding below the result. As I already said, it works fine with songs of different languages. SO do not forget to try this.

If you have anything to ask, you can leave it in a comment. Do not forget to browse more articles on Siri and MacOS.



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