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backlinksIn SEO (Search Engine Optimization), the term Backlink is used many times. You often hear this word when you talk with someone about Google ranking. Backlinks are the most important aspects of website ranking in search engines. Google counts the number of links going to a website to calculate the Pagerank of the website. This is the key factor which directly affects the page rank of a website. Today I am going to write something about backlinks and it’s important.

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What are Backlinks?

For effective SEO, quality links pointing to our website is important and it helps to increase website traffic. Backlinks are the links that are directed to your website from other websites. These are also called inbound links. It is important for SEO because Google will give more credit to the website that has more links from other websites. The website linking back is also considered while ranking. It means if you get a link back to your website from a website having better page rank, this link will help you to increase page rank of your website.


Suppose you have a link to your website from a website of PR-3 and other website has a backlink from a website of pr-1. At this stage, your website is more important for search engines because your website has the link from a website of better page rank. It means you are voted by a more valuable website.

What is the reciprocal link building?

Most of the webmaster use reciprocal link building strategy. This means you link to me and I will link to you. This trick was used to build a good number of backlinks for a website. These backlinks are not relevant. So Google has started not to count these type of reciprocal links. A website having many these kind of reciprocal link also gets Google penalty. So you should avoid exchanging links to be at the safer side.

Always try to get backlinks from the good PR websites. Having a 1 PR-4 backlink is better than having 20 PR-0 backlinks. So try to get more high PR backlinks to improve the Pagerank of your website.

Importance of Backlinks

Backlinks are very important. Google and Other search engines take it into consideration. Google’s PageRank is based on backlinks. Even MozRank also counts backlinks while counting the Mozrank of your blog. So, backlink plays an important role in your blog’s SERP. Although, Google has stopped updating Pagerank publicly. But it uses it for its internal ranking factors. MozRank is public and more backlinks will help you in improving the MozRank.

Alexa also displays the number of domains linking to your blog. So, you must try to get more backlinks from a variety of backlinks. Moz also says the number of backlinks of different domains helps more than many backlinks from a few domains. This is what Google says.

Backlinks also have another benefit. It helps in getting referral traffic. So, you should also try to build links to get more traffic.

What should avoid in link building?

1. Avoid getting too many backlinks in bulk:

Commenting on some high PR blogs is the best way to get backlinks. Most of the blogs offer no follow comment links, but no follow links are also useful. But there are many which still allow users to have a do follow backlink. But creating backlinks in bulk might affects negatively. So always try to have 5-6 in a month. It is good for being safe otherwise google will penalize you.

2. Avoid Getting backlinks from the low-quality website:

As we know that backlink is good for getting good ranking in Google and getting better page rank. But the quality of backlink also matters. If you have many bad quality links pointing to your website, then it may ruin the reputation of your website. So Avoid these kinds of poor backlinks.

3. Avoid Reciprocal links:

Reciprocal links are not liked by Google as it is used by webmasters to increase the number of links pointing to their website. So, avoid this and try to get some natural links. TO get natural links, write a good quality post and promote it with social media.

NOTE: If you want to add a link which is not good for SEO, then add a rel=nofollow attribute in the link.


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