JavaScript Charting Library: awesomeChartJS


If you are looking for a library for creating charts using HTML5 <canvas> tag, then you will never find the library better than awesomeChartJS. It is an opensource JavaScript library.

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Most important thing about this library is that is does not require any additional framework or javascript plugin to work. It also supports all the popular chart format which includes:


  • vertical and horizontal bar charts
  • pareto bar charts
  • pie charts (whole or part)
  • exploded pie charts
  • ring/doughnut charts

This library wants everything simple to it had not added too much customization options. Still there are some options available.

How to use this script? First of all include this script into the header of the page.

Then create a canvas element in HTML document.

Now create a chart by following code:

This will create a chart shown below:

See more code examples from the link:

Requirements: No Requirements
Compatibility: All Modern Browsers
License: Apache License v2.0 .


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