How to keep Android phone safe from malware

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A few days back, Google announced over 3 billion monthly active Android devices. This number is huge and shows the popularity of Android platform. This is the reason hackers target Android platform. Now cyber criminals are more active and try to illegally get access to these devices. While most of the mobile malware are found in countries like Russia and China, users from other countries are not immune.

Mobile phones are now important devices. We use it for calls, saving personal information, mobile payments, photos and lot more. So, you must take your phone’s security seriously. Recently, we saw a big Ransomware attack against Windows systems. Now researchers are expecting next big Ransomware attack against Android devices.

In this article, I will explain few things you need to follow for you Android phone’s security.

Tips to keep Android Phone Safe From Malware

Always download apps from Legitimate app stores

Downloading apps from unknown and risky sources is the primary reason why a device becomes a victim of malware. This is the reason I advise you to download apps only from Google Play Store or other trusted app stores including Amazon, 9Apps, Samsung and few more. These trusted marketplaces are monitored and scanned for potentially dangerous apps to ensure your device’s safety. But always prefer Google Play Store.

Google Play Store is itself not fully safe. There have been various incidents when fake apps with malware managed to get into Play Store, but Google always tries its best to block this kind of apps as soon as possible.

Pay attention to apps permission

While downloading the apps, always pay close attention to apps permission. Check what kinds of permission apps require and figure out is it safe for an app to access specific data.

Disable the apps installation from unknown sources

To avoid any risk, disable the apps installation from unknown sources. It is a good idea to double check if the setting is disabled. It disallows the apps installation from unknown sources. It keeps your phone safe from unknown apps downloaded randomly by a website while web browsing. By allowing apps from third-party sources, you are actually opening a security hole on your phone.

Download a good Antivirus

Never take a risk and Install a good Antivirus on your mobile phone. We have listed best Android Antivirus Apps. Read that article and Install a good Antivirus from that list.

If you can afford, we recommend buying a premium protection plans. These Antivirus apps always scan your installed apps, download files, and ensure safe web browsing. So, you will have an additional security layer on your phone.

Stay away from pirated apps

Sometimes people want to use a paid app without paying for it. Hackers take advantage of this and offer fake pirated app pretending to be the full version of that paid app. Soon after the installation, you will realize that the app did nothing, but you may hardly notice the hidden malware installed on your phone.

So, stay away from pirated apps. You may fall into big trouble.

Always keep apps and software updated

While too many updates may be irritating but many times these update brings fixes to known security issues. So, always install software updates and apps updates to ensure the safety.

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Final Words

Android is an open source platform but Google tries to add few restrictions to keep its safe. Android devices are now more than 2 billion. So, you can assume the number of devices that can be at risk if there is any serious Android malware attack. You should always follow security tips to ensure your phone’s safety.

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