15+ Keyboard Shortcuts that work on most of the web browsers

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There are lots of web browser and people have their choice. While most of the people use Chrome, Firefox, Opera and Edge are also used for many people. I personally use Chrome and Firefox both, but Chrome is my first choice. These browsers differ in many things but also have several things common. There are few keyboard shortcuts that work across all the browsers. In this article, I will be listing all of these keyboard shorts that you can try on Chrome, Opera, Firefox, Safari or Edge.

Before you check that list, you should also check Chrome Keyboard shortcuts.

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Universal Browser Keyboard shortcuts

Here is the list of shortcuts.


Windows macOS Descriptions
Ctrl + T Command + T Open browser in tab
Ctrl + N Command + N Open browser in new window
Ctrl + Tab Cycles through tabs from left to right
Ctrl + Shift + Tab Cycles through tabs from right to left
Ctrl + Shift + T Command + Shift + T Reopens recently closed tab
Alt + Left Arrow Return to the previous webpage
Alt + Right Arrow Advance to the next webpage
Ctrl + + Command + + Zooms into the webpage/
Ctrl +  Command +  Zooms out the webpage
Ctrl + 0 Command + 0 Reset to default zoom level
Ctrl + D Command + D Bookmarks the current webpage
Ctrl + F Command + F Opens up the in-page search box
Ctrl + W Command + W Close current tab or window
Ctrl + L Command + L Highlights the address box, allowing you to type into it
Ctrl + Alt + Enter Command + Alt + Enter Adds “www.” and “.com” to the text in the address bar.
Ctrl + Shift + Del Command + Shift + Del Opens up the Clear Browsing History window
Spacebar Scroll down a webpage
Shift + Spacebar Scroll up a webpage
Ctrl + P Command + P Opens up the Print window



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