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When we read about SEO, we also see that Meta Tags has great importance in SEO. Meta tags are the good way for web masters to provide some useful information about their website to search engines. These tags are added into the <head> section of the HTML page. There are many kind of meta tags including, description, keyword, robots and few other. In this post, we will talk about the keyword meta tag which has been the part of many discussions in SEO forums.

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Keyword Meta Tag

According to Some people, Keyword meta tag is used to tell the main keyword of website to Google Bot. Google Bot use these keywords as main keyword of the blog and lists according to these keywords. You will also get few website which focuses on adding Meta keywords. Yeah adding Meta tags in the website is a good practice. But Google never care for Meta Keyword tag. It give importance to other Meta tags but no to meta keyword.

Why Meta Keyword Tag is not Important for Google?

Google Does not use “Keywords” metag for web searching because these are often use to abuse the search. Most of the webmasters often use irrelevant keywords in meta keywords. This is not the recent change. Google has been ignoring meta keywords tag for many years.

You can know more about this in this video by Matt Cutts:

It does not mean that Google ignores all meta tags. Sometimes, Google use meta description tags as search result snippet.

Although, Google Does not care of Meta keywords tag, but some other search engine give it importance. So it is good practice to add Meta Keywords tag for getting good ranking in other search engines.

Lear How to optimize meta tags of your website. In this video, Matt cutts explains, how much time you should spent on your website optimization.

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