Free Resources Is The Open Source Search Engine For Developers


There are thousands of opensource developers who work on their projects and make it available to other developers for free. Developers from all coding background work on projects and upload it on GitHub or other websites.

There are millions of projects, but how do you search for those projects? There is a website that pulls 1.8 million open source projects and make it available to search.

This free online search repository is very useful for developers. You can search and sort projects by the package manager, programming language, license, and keywords.

Each project listing links to the official website and GitHub repo. You can search for anything including WordPress plugins, Gallery plugins or others. There are many good projects to check.


You can see it a search engine for programmers and web developers. If you are looking for the new projects, you can use

It also offers RSS feed. So, you can subscribe to get email notifications for all new projects listed on the site.


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