7 Links to Check What Google Knows About You

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We use Google and its services on daily basis. Gmail, Google search, and YouTube are now a part of one’s daily life. These are many other services including Google Photos, Google Drive and more. But, these services also track your activity to improve your experience and remember your preferences.

I am sure you already that Google is tracking everything and it knows a lot about you. But, have you ever thought of checking what Google knows about you? Have you ever thought of removing that information that Google collects from you? Do you want to know what Google tracks? This is possible. Google allows you to access all those information in the form of history on its products. So, you can check what Google knows about you.

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In this article, I am adding 7 different links where you can check what information Google tracks about you.

  1. History – This link shows you your entire Google search history. It does not just track your searches, but it also tracks the search platform (Google, News, Images, Android) and also tracks what website you visited. Google also records your Ok Google voice commands. You can use this link to access what Google recorded about you.
  2. Ads – It also shows if you have allowed ads personalization. Ads Personalization means Google will use your search history and personal data to show you personalize ads
  3. Location History – Google also tracks your location history. It collects your location data by using your phone and web browser if you allow Chrome to access your location data.
  4. Dashboard – This is the Google activity page. It shows all Google service you use, quick stats of data you have on those services.
  5. YouTube search history – Just like Google search, YouTube saves all of your searches too. You can use this link to browse your YouTube Search History. You also have an option to delete all or individual searches.
  6. Permissions – This is an important link. It helps you to know what apps us accessing your account and what data an app accesses. If you use Google Login on a website or app, it shows you that website or app in the list. If you find something suspicious, you can revoke access.
  7. Takeout – Google Takeout is a useful tool that allows you to download all of your data available on different Google services. If you ever think about deleting your Google account, you can use this link to download your data.

Final Words

I hope this article helps. Google tracks you and collects information about you. So, you should know what information Google is collecting and how it is using this information. You can always remove this information or disable it to stop Google from collecting information about you.

Bookmark this link and keep visiting the given Google links regularly for privacy check. If you have anything to ask or suggest, you can always comment below.

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