List of Google Drive Keyboard Shortcuts

Google Drive Keyboard shortcuts


Google Drive is a popular cloud storage service by Google. It allows users to store their important files on Google’s cloud and share with friends. Google Drive offers enough free storage to keep your important files. If you think storage is not enough, you can upgrade to premium plans.

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To master Google Drive, Google has also added some keyboard shortcuts. These Google Drive Keyboard shortcuts allow you to perform tasks quickly. If you regularly use Google Drive, you must learn all Google Drive Keyboard shortcuts that make our work fast while using Google Drive.

See the list of Google Drive keyboard shortcuts below and try to learn as many as you can.


List of Google Drive Keyboard Shortcuts

Shortcuts Descriptions
S Star or unstar current highlighted
X Select or de-select current
highlighted item
. Share currently highlighted item
J or K Navigate to previous or next item
in the list without selecting it
Up Arrow or Down Arrow Select previous or next item in
the list
Shift + Up
Arrow or Down Arrow
Select multiple previous or next
Shift + A Select all items
Shift + N De-select all items
Shift + T Create a new text document
Shift + P Create a new presentation
Shift + S Create a new spreadsheet
Shift + D Create a new drawing
Shift + F Create a new folder
Ctrl + Alt + G Opens Revision History in files
g then n Go to navigation panel
g then l Go to document list
g then c Go to collections
g then d Go to details pane

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