How to Mention or Tag Someone on Instagram Stories


Instagram Stories is an interesting feature to show what you are up to. You can share a video or photo with your followers and it will be love for 24 hours. But, very few people know that they can also mention or tag a person on Instagram stories. If you are also one of those who does not know this, you can keep reading this article.

You can tag any Instagram user. He may be your followers or someone you follow. You can also tag a private profile. You do not need to follow someone before you tag him/her.

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Mention or Tag Someone on Instagram Stories

Instagram allows you to mention or tag someone on stories similar to how you do on Instagram posts. Follow these steps for this.

Step 1. Open Instagram app and tap on the camera icon on the top left. Alternatively, you can also swipe from left to right.
Step 2. Now select a photo or video you want to share on Stories. You can also use the camera to capture or record a moment to share Stories.
Step 3. Now tap on Aa icon at the top right side to enter text.

Mention Instagram Stories
Step 4. Here Type @username of the person and it will start showing you the suggestions.

Step 5. Select the name from the suggestions or type the correct username if you know.

Step 6. Now you can hold and place this text in any part of the story. You can also customise this text and add colors to it. When you are done with editing, you can post this new story.

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Final Words

Now you know how to mention someone on Instagram Stories. There was nothing complicated in that. Now you can tag someone if you are sharing a pic of someone on Stories. We have already written lots of Instagram Tutorials in past. If you want to know more Instagram Tips and Tricks, you can read those articles


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