Microsoft Edge Keyboard Shortcuts for Windows

Edge Keyboard Shortcuts for Windows

Microsoft Edge is finally available for all Windows users. This Chromium-based web browser was launched to replace Microsoft’s existing browser that has always been criticized for being too slow. If you have already switched to the new Edge, you should also know about the keyboard shortcuts to be faster at work. Keyboard shortcuts always help in performing actions quickly, especially those that need more than 1 click.

In this article, I am adding a cheat sheet of Edge Keyboard shortcuts.

Edge Keyboard Shortcuts

Ctrl + L OR
Alt + D
Jump to the address bar
Ctrl + Shift + LStart a Bing search, using current clipboard content
Ctrl + EHighlight a search query in the address bar
Ctrl + F OR
Find on page
Alt + HomeOpen home page
Backspace OR
Alt + Arrow Left
Go back
Alt + Arrow RightGo forward
Page Up OR
Shift + Space
Scroll page up
Page Down OR
Scroll page down
Ctrl + HomeScroll to top of page
Ctrl + EndScroll to bottom of page
Ctrl + TabSwitch to the next tab
Ctrl + Shift + TabSwitch to previous tab
Ctrl + 1,2,3,…,8Switch to a specific tab number
Ctrl + 9Switch to last tab
Ctrl + IOpen Favorites pane
Ctrl + MOpen Reading List pane
Ctrl + HOpen History pane
Ctrl + JOpen Downloads pane
F7Toggle caret browsing
Click Middle Mouse WheelOpen link in new tab
Shift + Middle Mouse ButtonOpen link in new window
Ctrl + NOpen new window
Ctrl + Shift + POpen new InPrivate browsing window
Ctrl + TOpen new tab
Ctrl + KReplicate tab and switch to newly created tab
Ctrl + Shift + KReplicate tab and keep current tab active
Ctrl + clickOpen link in new tab
Ctrl + Shift + clickOpen link in new tab and switch to the tab
Alt + Shift + clickOpen link in new window
Ctrl + Shift + NMove current tab to new window
Ctrl + WClose current tab
Ctrl + Shift + TOpen a previously closed tab
Alt + Spacebar + MMove Edge window with arrow keys/mouse/touchpad
Alt + Spacebar + SResize window with arrow keys/mouse/touchpad
Ctrl + DAdd current site to Favorites or Reading List
Ctrl + Shift + BToggle visibility of Favorites Bar
EscStop loading the page OR
Close sidebar (if open; e.g.: Bookmarks)
Ctrl + R OR
Refresh page
Ctrl + Shift + RToggle reading view
Ctrl + PlusZoom in (25%)
Ctrl + MinusZoom out (25%)
Ctrl + 0Reset zoom level
Ctrl + PPrint current page
Alt + F4Quit application
Alt + XOpen More pane
F12 OR
Ctrl + Shift + I
Open Developer Tools pane
Using Edge as an eBook Reader
Alt + TToggle table of contents
Ctrl + BToggle list of bookmarks
Ctrl + Shift + DAdd or remove bookmark
Ctrl + Shift + OToggle Options
Ctrl + Shift + YToggle reading bar
Ctrl + Shift + UOpen Books in the Hub
Ctrl + Shift + GStart read aloud
F11Enter or exit full-screen reading
Left Arrow OR
Up Arrow OR
Page Up
Go to next page
Right Arrow OR
Down Arrow OR
Page Down
Go to previous page
HomeGo to beginning of book
EndGo to end of book
Ctrl + FSearch book
Ctrl + Shift + SSave book locally (for books not purchased in the Microsoft Store)
Ctrl + GGo to page (when the book supports page lists)
Alt + AOpen Notes panel
Ctrl + Shift + AToggle between “fit to width” and “fit to page” layout
F8Toggle between one-page and two-page layouts
Ctrl + GGo to specific page number
Alt + TToggle table of contents
Ctrl + FSearch document
Ctrl + Plus (+) OR
Ctrl + Minus (-)
Zoom in/zoom out
Ctrl + Shift + AToggle between “fit to width” and “fit to page” layout
F8Toggle between one-page and two-page layouts
F9Rotate PDF
F11Enter or exit full-screen reading
Ctrl + Shift + GStart Read Aloud
Ctrl + Shift + MAdd notes to PDF books
Ctrl + Shift + SSave a copy of the PDF document
Developer Tools
Ctrl + BSelect element (on DOM Explorer tab)
Ctrl + KColor picker (on DOM Explorer tab)
Ctrl + JDebug just my code (on Debugger tab)
Ctrl + EStart/stop profiling to begin a performance session (on Performance, Network, and Memory tabs)
Ctrl + SExport as HAR (on Network tab)
Ctrl + OImport profiling session (on Performance and Memory tabs)
Ctrl + SExport profiling session (on Performance and Memory tabs)
Ctrl + LClear errors, warnings, information (on Performance tab)
F5 or F8Continue (on Debugger tab)
Hold F5/F8Fast Continue (on Debugger tab)
F11Step into (on Debugger tab)
F12Step over (on Debugger tab)
Shift + F11Step out (on Debugger tab)
Ctrl + Shift + F5Continue and refresh (on Debugger tab)
Ctrl + Shift + IDOM element highlighting (on DOM Explorer tab)
Ctrl + Shift + WBreak on new worker (on Debugger tab)
Ctrl + Shift + EChange exception behavior (on Debugger tab)
Ctrl + Shift + TTake heap snapshot (On Memory tab)
Ctrl + Shift + LReset Emulation settings (On Emulation tab)

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