What is MozRank and How to improve MozRank of your blog?


A few days back Google confirmed that there will be no future Google PageRank update. So, we can say that Page Rank metric is dead now. So, advertisers will now consider MozRank of the blog to see its relevance and decide whether to advertise or now. In this post, we will discuss MozRank in detail and ways to increase MozRank.

What is MozRank?

MozRank is algorithmically calculated value (scale between 0 and 10) which represents the link popularity score of a website. Similar to PageRank, it shows the importance of a web page on the internet. This score is calculated based on the number of quality backlinks pointing to a website. Higher the quality of backlinks, higher will be the MozRank.

It is always easier to score 3 to 4 MozRank but for more, you will have to put big efforts.

How to Check MozRank of your website?

Checking your website’s MozRank is easy and there are various tools available for this. You can try this MozRank checker tool. All you need to enter the domain of URL of the page and then check.

How to improve MozRank of your website

As I already discussed that MozRank counts a number of quality backlinks, so you already know what to do to improve the MozRank of your blog. The best way is to get more links from many semi-popular pages and few from very popular pages. So, if you want to improve the MozRank of your blog, start building backlinks today. But be sure not to get backlinks from low-quality blogs. Google Penguin algorithm is all set to slap blogs with low-quality backlinks.

In past, we lost focus on this blog to work on my personal projects. So, I lost many backlinks. Now, I am back to work. I am also trying to get more links from high authority websites. I also changed the domain name and now I started from 0 level.

Here are the few ways which you can follow to get backlinks from good websites

1. Forum and Q/A websites

Actually, this is hard but not as hard as it seems. It all depends on the niche of your blog. For example, I write about WordPress, web design and SEO related articles here. So, I can start helping users on WordPress forum, Stackoverflow, quora.com and Yahoo answers. While answering, I can add links to my blog post. It will give me few no follow links and of course the traffic. SO, you should also try answering on forums with the link back to your website.

2. Blog Commenting

Blog commenting is another nice way of getting backlinks. But seriously, never try to spam other websites. I have seen many newbies who started spamming and then got ban from commenting. So start finding blogs in your niche which have high MozRank and authority to comment.

3. Social Sharing

Social networking websites are another way of getting backlinks. Pinterest, StumbleUpon like social network offers a good number of backlinks. So, you should start submitting your posts there. Start writing guest posts on other blogs. You must also add social share buttons to your website to let users share your blog post. If you are WordPress user, you should take a look at these social media share plugins.

4. Write quality posts

Start writing in-depth articles which offer some insights and content. If your article is good enough and informative, people will surely offer you natural backlinks. Many of my web design articles got mentions on other blogs and I regularly get referral traffic.

5. Install Moz’s SEO toolbar

I recommend you to install MOZ’s SEO toolbar in your browser. This toolbar will help you in analyzing the changes in the MozRank of your blog. And you can also use this to track the MozRank and other metrics of your competitors in search rankings.

6. Do Branding of your blog and get reputation

Branding and reputation are very important. If your blog has a good reputation, people will have no problem in linking your blog to your articles. Having good branding and reputation also attracts other bloggers to write your blog and sometimes they also offer you for interview post. This will automatically give you a backlink.

7. Interlinking of your articles

Interlinking of your articles is also a must do step in blogging. Every page is counted as different. This is the reason, you should never forget to interlink. It also helps your articles. Google and other crawlers will also have less problem in finding your content.

Note: Never try to get paid backlinks. Google is smarter than you. I have already broken down various link networks and will surely get back to you if you did something wrong in link building.

On the Internet, you will find many articles on improving or increasing MozRank. Most of those articles also mention so many things. Never be confuse. All you have to do is create a proper backlink strategy. A backlink is the only way to improve the MozRank. But never compromise on the content quality. Content is the only thing which builds the trust of readers.

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