Netflix keyboard shortcuts for Windows and MacOS


Netflix is one of the most popular video streaming service across the globe. It offers lots of awesome episodes and movies that entertain us in free time. You can watch Netflix on many platforms including Windows, macOS, Android, iOS, Apple TV, PlayStation, Xbox and Nintendo Wii. If you are addicted to Netflix, you must know Netflix keyboard shortcuts to improve your user experience.

Netflix keyboard shortcuts lets you perform lots of tasks quickly and you do not need to move mouse and click on some option. All these shortcuts work on web browsers running on Windows or MacOS.

Netflix keyboard shortcuts

Space/Enter : Toggle Play/Pause using

If you want to pause a movie or resume the play back, you can just use space bar or enter key for this. Press once to pause and again to resume. I use space as it is large and easy to access.


Up/Down Arrow : Volume Up/Down

In place of dragging the Volume” slider option in video player, you can just use Up and Down arrow keys to increase or decrease volume.

Left/Right Arrow : Rewind / Fast Forward

If you want to see any specific part of the video, want to rewind or fast forward a video, you can use the left or right arrow key. Left for rewind and right for fast forward. It does 10 seconds of rewind or fast forward for single press of button.

M : Mute Volume

If you want to mute a video, just press M and it will be muted.

S : Skip Intro

If you do not want to watch the Intro, just press S and skip it.

F : Full Screen / Full Screen Exit

If you want to go full screen to maximize a video, simply press F.

Esc : Exit full-screen

If you are watching a video in full screen, press Esc to exit.

Now you can start using these keyboard shortcuts while watching Netflix and see it changes your experience.


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