Nice Typing Effects With Fancy Input jQuery Plugin


We all use textbox and textarea when we want input from users. But making the input process funny will surely make the it user-friendly  I found a nice jQuery plugin called Fancy Input. Fancy Input adds some cool typing effects to text boxes and text areas. Whenever we start typing, character appears in an attractive manner. By default, there are 5 different effects.


How to use Fancy Input plugin.

Usage is really simple. You only need to call a jQuery function called FancyInput. And of course including the js and css files of the plugin. see the code

Requirements: jQuery

Compatibility: All Modern Browsers


This plugin is available for free. So, you can use it in your website to make the input attractive. It supports all available modern browsers. It is worth to mention that it works fine on Internet Explorer.

Use Fancy Input plugin and share your views about the plugin with us. Feel free to comment.


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