Pickdate.js: Responsive jQuery Date Time picker



Want to add a date time picker in your application, you can try Pickdate.js jQuery plugin. It is a nice date time picker plugin which comes with responsive design. SO, you can add this to your existing responsive website easily.

It also has separate module for adding only date picker and time picker.


Key features of Pickdate.js

  • Supports jQuery 1.7 and up.
  • 37 language translation support
  • support all modern browses and IE8+
  • Lightweight plugin
  • Has touch & keyboard friendliness.



You need to include all jS files in the header part of your web page.

Make sure to also include the legacy.js file along with other scripts. It is for the oldie browsers.

After that, call the pickdate function on text field where you want to add this date picker/ time picker

For date

For time

Cool thing about this plugin is the API support. So, you can easily create custom functionality. By default, 11 methods are available to use. You can use these methods for adding various features in the script.


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