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Google has rolled out Google Penguin Update on 24th April. This new update is also known as WebSpam update. This new update aims to target those web masters who are badly engaged in violating Google’s quality guidelines. All those websites which are not following Google quality guidelines will see a fall in the traffic. If you see a sudden fall in the search traffic of your website after the April 24, your website is marked as spam by Penguin update.

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Most of the webmasters affected by this update, are blaming Google for this update. They also think that this update is hitting wrong websites and they are mistakenly choosen by the update. But what can be done now?

I think every one affected by this update must see his/her blog first before crying. I also got a hit on my blog which is hosted on blogger. And then got some instant recovery. I was also surprised to see instant recovery but it is true. But i am still waiting to get back at my original traffic stats.

Killer Tips To Recover From Google Penguin Hit

Avoid Keyword stuffing and cloaking: Google Penguin is all about webspam, so try to avoid these kind of things. Create page only for readers and visitors. Do not overload web page with keywords. While creating page try to give best conent without thinking of search engines. according to Google, you can ask yourself, “Does this help my users? Would I do this if search engines didn’t exist?” If your website is involve in these activitis, you will sure get a penguin hit.

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Check Outgoing links: As i have already mentioned in my older blog posts, outgoing links also affect the website’s ranking and popularity in Google. This the main think which this update cares. If you have given too many links to bad content websites from your blog posts, your website is not fit for Google.

I also mentioned abput my blog which got penguin hit. That blog is on hacking and security related articles. Most of the time, i share hacking stuffs and penetration testing stuffs. I also gave links to some tools which i hosted on ziddu and hotfiles. As i use blogger on that website, most of my links are dofollow (Blogger has added nofollow links last month). I was also beginner s i never cared and then i was too lazy to change. There were many dofollow links to hotfile and ziddu links. So this was the main problem. I edited all my posts and checked all the links. Links to unavailable conent is removed and all other are added as nofollow. I also added nofollow attribute to all menu links, archive page and lables. And i saw sudden increment in the traffic next day.

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NOTE: Never give links to web spammers or bad neighborhoods on the web. Most of the bloggers accepts guest posts and in return they add link back to guest writers. These links may also affect if they are poining to some spammy websites.

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Stop Blackhat SEO: If you think, black hat SEO will increase the traffic and ranking of your website over the night, you are wrong. But it will surly give you a penguin hit. All blackhat link-building strategies are on the target. Google also checks the relevance of the links which are pointing to you. If it finds too many irrelevant links pointing to your website, your website will be marked for using some bad methods for link building.

According to my experience, Google’s penguin update is all about the links. So avoid reciprocal links and check all your posts and add rel=nofollow to all links which are pointing to poor content websites or not relevant. This is the best thing which you can do to avoid penguin hit.

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